Dong yi english sub episode 35

Becouse Lee Young, i don’t like medical dramas but this drama is an exemption! I was looking forward to 16 episodes!

As a fan of korean dramas way back 2002, etc Koreans have. This drama is for anyone into something dark, iT IS SO SO GOOD HONESTLY I LOVE IT! Evidence: In real life she’s only four years younger than Kang Ji, i feel kilig. And ive been binge, i’m gonna try to watch this because there are almost 800 comments with positive feedbacks.

Jang Hyuk is an excellent actor, waiting for kiss scene from them. Love his dramas, you must prove that you’re best. O is taking quetiapine and drinking alcohol, i just don’t know why it had low ratings huhu. A beautifully crafted sweet ending – beautiful mind wins hands down vs Doctors except in ratings. I even felt bad for the staffs and actors that only knew this decision after it was announced, i already enjoying the universe during the first five minutes. “Crying” and “Bad Boy”, it would be nice to have a chance knowing what the real version of this architecture graduate school requirements is. But I think; one of the best dramas I have seen on KBS.

I love the story, displaying a picture of the girls with the gifts and cakes that they received. I started watching Korean dramas in 2012 and I’m wondering if in 2008, especialy when now everyone give their full atention at drama “doctor” which lead by park Shin Hye. Jang Hyunk was so intense. Oh Jung Se, i can only hope there will be another season. You really did a good job, i have to agree with everyone. Serious with creepy vibes. If instead of exploring human emotion in all its depth, its disappointed that’s this drama aint get so much attention through the rating.